ECBG Cake Studio

Celebrating The Moments That Matter

Cake is more than the sum of its parts. 
It signifies the passing of time, the love we share, and life's sweetest indulgences. We celebrate birth, anniversaries, surprises, and unbreakable bonds... with cake!
We congratulate our sons, shower our daughters, and wish our grandparents a happy birthday...with cake! 
At ECBG Cake Studio, we know these moments are special and our mission is to help you celebrate all of the moments that matter...with cake!

Celebration cakes

Custom specialty cakes made from high quality and organic ingredients for all of your most celebrated occasions. Order a 'Naked Lady' cake, the classic ECBG style, or create a custom design of your own! 

Cookies and cupcakes

Celebrate with these customized cookies and cupcakes! Impress your clients by ordering cookies with your logo printed on it, or enjoy a more artistic hand-painted design for your shower favors! 

Wedding services

Express your love with something sweet. We know your wedding day is important and the cake is the centerpiece of the sweet love you two share. Together we will design an entirely custom wedding cake or dessert table that is as unique as your love. 


Learn about monthly offerings, promotions, and events! 

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