The 'E' in ECBG 

Erin Martin  

Owner and creator of ECBG Cake Studio

Erin Martin | ECBG Cake Studio | Chicago, IL

Hi! My name is Erin Martin and I am the owner of ECBG Cake Studio. I am wildly in love with my friends and family, super into the Chicago restaurant and comedy scene, and obsessed with exploring the cake and pastry world.

ECBG Cake Studio started in 2011 as Erin's Custom Baked Goods and was founded on the ideals of customization, accessibility, and learning as I went. I had an immense amount of support and learned from outstanding bosses, instructors, chefs, bakers, co-workers, tutorials, mistakes, successes, mentors, and industry friends. Since then the focus of ECBG has shifted to honoring value, excellence, professionalism, and quality above all else. 

While keeping a personal and custom touch in mind, I promise to offer you delicious and beautiful pieces made with high quality and organic ingredients that are worthy of your celebration. I promise to strive for excellence in conquering the cake + pastry world, knowing it is always evolving, in order to bring you top tier skills, styles, and flavor.  

Thank you so much for visiting. I look forward to working with you to create your treats knowing that it is much, much more than just dessert. 

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